mReady Meet becomes Eventster

Our in-house mobile event app has grown up and claimed the identity it deserved ever since it was made. mReady Meet is officially rebranded as Eventster, the mobile event app that boosts networking.

Why this is happening

According to The Event App Bible, a comprehensive strategic report on how and why event professionals use apps, the mobile event app business is still growing. Out of 1,000 event planners surveyed, 91.2% see the relevance of using an event app, yet only half of them used one in 2018. We plan to change that.

Eventster - The Mobile Event App that Boosts Networking

In the last 7 years we came up with and improved a solution that can help event planners achieve some of their objectives, namely:

  • help attendees find the exact people they want to network with;
  • give attendees the means to be active participants rather than just listeners;
  • communicate last-minute updates or highlights;
  • reduce costs for printed materials;
  • measure event performance indicators through data obtained from the app;
  • increase overall return on investment.

This solution was mReady Meet, a native app available on Android and iOS built around the needs of event planners and their users.

Eventster Attendee Profile - Mobile Event App
Eventster Messages - Mobile Event App
Eventster Agenda - Mobile Event App

What changed

We had a look at how the event app was performing and found that our marketing efforts were not as helpful for event organizers as we had thought. With the strategy and branding update, we aim to make it crystal clear how investing in Eventster can pay out significantly in terms of attendee retention, experience and overall hype for the event.

We came up with the name Eventster because the app paves the way to turning uninvolved attendees into actual participants in discussions, projects, and businesses. The logo was adapted from a person icon, since the app is all about people.

Eventster Logo - Mobile Event App

One of the key points of our new strategy is the website. We cleared out the clutter and improved the way we offer information, by focusing on the benefits of using Eventster for both event planners and their audience.

This year alone, we collaborated with amazing conferences such as TEDxAthens, iCEE.fest, TeCOMM, Startup Weekend Cluj, Go Viral, Brand Minds, and most recently UNFINISHED, and helped the event planners engage with their attendees, build hype and stand out, all while helping participants build meaningful business relationships and expand their knowledge by talking to people they might otherwise not have met.

We’re looking forward to next year’s editions, as well as future conferences on the global stage. We’ll see you there, packed lightly: smartphone only 😃.

Check out the new website for Eventster here and tell us what you think!

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